3 Free Home Remedies For Back Pain That Are Proven To Work….

Lower back pain can be caused by too much compression of the soft discs in your lower spine…

…This compression becomes a problem when the discs touch the nearby nerves that run along your spine. This is called a herniated disc.

Another cause of back pain is the muscle strain and cramping that can occur from a sudden movement or sitting to long, all of these can = TONS OF PAIN, trust me I’ve experienced it. But their is hope!

Try These Simple Home Remedies To Cure Your Lower Back Pain.

The Wall Lean -Simply stand next to a wall in your house with one of your shoulders touching the wall. While keeping your shoulder against the wall take 1 to 2 side steps with your feet. You should now be leaning on the wall at an angle with your feet together and about 1 and a half feet from the wall. The next part is really easy, slowly move your waist towards the wall, you will feel a slight stretch. You can use the hand to gently push your waist towards the wall. This Stretch is great for loosening you back muscles and disc compression.

Hanging out – This excellent lower back decompression move will give you awesome relief. Find a pull-up bar (at home or your local gym). Grab on to the bar and hang from it. If you can slightly touch the floor that will be even better because it will let your muscle loosen up, allowing you back discs to really decompress.

Touch Your Toes – Don’t let the simplicity of this exercise fool you, It works! Sit on the floor with your feet in front of you and very slowly reach forward to stretch and hold the stretch, that’s it, but it works. If you can’t sit on the floor, do this stretch while in a chair by just reaching forward and down, an you will feel the relief.

How To Get Fast Lower Back Pain Relief Around The Clock, WITHOUT Even Getting up.

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